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This small town is situated in a – well – a big bend in the Great Usutu River. It’s an area of intensive sugar farming, thanks to irrigation water from the Usutu. It’s a pleasant place with a bright green irrigated golf course and some good accommodation. But Big Bend is most well known as the site of Swaziland’s answer to the Wild West. It was here, in 1992, in the parking lot of the local hotel that two poachers were shot dead in the now legendary Big Bend Shoot-out between conservationists and poachers. This incident, while rather extreme, does serve to illustrate Swaziland’s zero-tolerance policy on poaching.

Brookside Lodge
AA Travel - Brookside Lodge
Self-Catering Cottages/Chalets in Big Bend,
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Estimated Price : 500.00 ZAR - 1,350.00 ZAR unit/room
Mkhaya Game Reserve
AA Travel - Mkhaya Game Reserve
Game Lodge in Big Bend,
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Estimated Price : 1,260.00 ZAR - 1,675.00 ZAR p/p sharing
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