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This fantastic little Lowveld town is situated smack in the middle of a number of game farms and reserves and is close to the Kruger National Park. So, while the roads are perfectly serviceable, almost every vehicle in town is a four-wheel drive and is likely to be driven by a khaki-clad outdoor type. It’s a good place for creepy crawlies. The Khamai Reptile Park (formerly the Swadini Reptile Park) is home to an enormous range of snakes and spiders. As well as general tours they run desensitising courses for phobics. Still in creepy crawly territory but much more user friendly, South Africa’s only silkworm farm is just outside the town.

Tshukudu Game Lodge
AA Travel - Tshukudu Game Lodge
AA Highly Recommended
Estimated Price : 293,000.00 ZAR - 293,000.00 ZAR p/p sharing
Amani Safari Camp
AA Travel - Amani Safari Camp
AA Superior
Estimated Price : 8,250.00 ZAR - 8,890.00 ZAR p/p sharing
Ximongwe River Camp
AA Travel - Ximongwe River Camp
AA Highly Recommended
Estimated Price : 235.00 ZAR - 770.00 ZAR p/p sharing
Khaya Ndlovu Manor House
AA Travel - Khaya Ndlovu Manor House
AA Superior
Estimated Price : 1,500.00 ZAR - 1,500.00 ZAR p/p sharing
Indlovu River Lodge
AA Travel - Indlovu River Lodge
AA Superior
Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre
AA Travel - Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre
Game & Nature Reserve in Hoedspruit, Limpopo Province
AA Recommended
BushGlam Luxury Holiday Home
AA Travel - BushGlam Luxury Holiday Home
Holiday Home in Hoedspruit, Limpopo Province
AA Superior
Estimated Price : 1,350.00 ZAR - 2,400.00 ZAR per night
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